The whale - Wanted poster


Surname: Whale
Latin name: Cetacea
class: Mammals
size: 10 - 30m
mass: up to 200t
Older: 15 - 80 years
Appearance: greyish, black, white
Sexual dimorphism: Yes
food: Fish, crustaceans, plankton, octopus
distribution: worldwide
original origin: unknown
Sleep-wake rhythm: ?
habitat: Oceans
natural enemies: /
sexual maturity: species-specific
mating season: all year round
gestation: 10 - 16 months
litter size: 1 cub
social behavior: Group / loner
Threatened with extinction: Yes
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Interesting about the whale

  • Whales are classified into two groups: baleen whales (with the aid of the bats plankton out of the water, for example the humpback whale) and toothed whales (have teeth and eat other fish, such as orcas).
  • The heart of a whale can weigh up to a ton. About the size of a small car.
  • Whales must emerge regularly to breathe air.
  • Whales are not fish. The ancestors of the whales were land mammals. The skeleton of the whale even shows stunted hind legs.
  • Whales can easily drink salty seawater. They excrete the salt via their kidneys.
  • Whales communicate over long distances by means of different frequency tones (also called whale song)
  • The fat layer of the whale is called Blubber. With a thickness of 20 to 50cm, it protects the whale from the cold.
  • So that whales do not drown in their sleep, the halves of the brain rest alternately.
  • There are about 7000 liters of blood in the bloodstream of the great whales. That corresponds to the blood volume of 1400 people.
  • The Blue Whale (33m, 200t) is the heaviest animal that has ever lived on Earth. With this weight, he can only survive in the water, because without the buoyancy of the water, the organs would burst under their own weight. Even the heaviest dinosaur, at 75t does not even approach half the blue whale.
  • The most intelligent animals of the order of whales are dolphins. Experiments proved that dolphins can think about themselves and thus have their own consciousness.